I Get My Wear-Everyday Gold Hoops From Amazon for $14

I'll admit, I wish I cared more about jewelry than I actually do. I know what I like, and I'm not really adventurous when it comes to my go-to body hardware. That's why I've been wearing gold hoop earrings for as long as I can remember. I've had them in every size and I've opted for more intricate styles (e.g. braided, bamboo, etc.). But, there's one pair that I can't stop going back to and that's a pair of mini, thick gold hoops. Whether I'm heading to a socially distanced walk along on the beach or hopping onto a Zoom call, I can guarantee that I'll wear these earrings. 

My current favorite pair is the 30 millimeter Pavoi 14K Gold Chunky Open Hoops from Amazon. I'm a big fan of shopping for everything on Amazon, but I never thought to purchase any jewelry on the site until I saw these earrings. They're simple, chic, and look way more expensive than they are — I love a $14 price tag. But let's get into how they actually looked and felt when they arrived in my mailbox. 

Needless to say, I was very impressed. I have other gold hoop earrings that cost upward of $200, and these don't look cheap. However, the real game-changer for me was how lightweight they were. I don't like when earrings tug at my earlobes and feel like they're weighing them down, and this is not a concern with these. They're as light as a feather and it feels like you're wearing nothing. Not to mention that they're hypoallergenic, nickel- and lead-free, and made with a stainless steel post. 

Everyone's main concern when it comes to budget-friendly jewelry is tarnishing. I've had these for about six months now, and there's not a sign of wear and tear in sight. And no, I don't do anything special to take care of them — they simply go back into their box each night. I also have to give props to the high-quality gold plating on these, because many brands miss the mark when it comes to this. I'm also not the only one who feels this way about the Pavoi earrings. 

The earrings have a 4.6-star rating from nearly 17,000 reviewers on Amazon. "This is my third pair of Pavoi earrings. I wear them all the time, and they never get discolored or hurt my ears. The gold plating is done really well. I get compliments all the time," one happy customer wrote.

"I have very sensitive skin, and these earrings are perfect so long as you take them out as advised," another shared. 

The good thing is that you're not stuck with one size option when it comes to these earrings. While I have the 30 millimeter pair, there's a 20 millimeter option and a 50 millimeter option. Mine have about a one-inch diameter, and I love that they're open in the back instead of a closed hoop, because I don't own any similar styles. 

Trust me, there's a reason that they're a best-seller and have had a presence on Amazon for nearly four years now. If you're looking to elevate your jewelry collection with some simple gold hoop earrings, try the Pavoi 14K Gold Chunky Open Hoops. 

PAVOI 14K Gold Colored Lightweight Chunky Open Hoops

Shop now: $14; amazon.com 

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