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OTHER than naming your child after your hero, you don't get a better tribute than getting their face tattooed on your body FOREVER.

So when she was thinking what kind of inking she wanted for her arm, it didn't take long for TikTok user Lexi Kate to settle on an illustration of one of her favourite music legends.

But while she's delighted with how it came out, the TikToker says people's reactions can be quite mixed.

Earlier this month, Lexi posted a TikTok video poking fun at people who have to ask what her tattoo is of.

Acting out the all-too-common exchange, Lexi says she'll often notice people looking at her forearm before they approach her for more information.

"It's supposed to be David Bowie," she always tells them.

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After that, she says there's an awkward moment where they look at it for a few seconds before politely adding: "Oh… oh yeah, I see it!"

She captioned the clip: "Always research your artist before getting a tattoo!"

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Since Lexi posted that clip four days ago, it's gone up to rack up over 3.1 MILLION views and people were desperate to see the Starman-inspired inking in all its glory.

When she booked in with her tattoo artist, Lexi asked him to recreate an iconic image of David Bowie smoking a cigarette in 1975 on the set of The Man Who Fell to Earth film.

She said: "Here's what I asked for – in a kind of line drawing effect.

"I love my tattoo so much but it has been mistaken for other people.

"No hate to the artist, I love my tattoo and it's my first tattoo and it's got meaning.

"But when you're serving customers everyday and it's on your arm, they ask 'who's that?' so much."

One replied: "I see a little Johnny Bravo… still a really good tat though!"

Another added: "I see David Bowie, but also I see those guys from the Take On Me music video."

A third said: "It’s not bad but it’s giving Kevin Bacon."

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"It's like an anime-style Bowie," a fourth replied. "It looks cool!"

Meanwhile, a fifth added: "Maybe you could go and have it touched up and have some of the lines modified to resemble him better!"

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