I got my lips tattooed a pretty colour but didn't realise how bad they would swell – my mum's reaction was hysterical | The Sun

LIP fillers and lip blush tattooing procedures have become more and more popular recently.

Kaliyah Muhktarr, known on TikTok as @specialkbizz, a beauty fan from Manchester, recently took to the video sharing platform to share the results after she had her lips blush tattooed.

Kaliyah revealed that she didn’t realise how bad her lips would swell, which left her in fits of laughter.

But what left her, and many others, in complete hysterics, was how her mum reacted when she showed off her new lips. 

Kaliyah said: “I got lip blush done and my lips went massive so I told my mum it was filler.”

At the start of the clip, we see Kaliyah and her beautician laughing at the size of her newly-pink swollen lips.

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Just moments later, desperate to prank her mum, Kaliyah headed into her kitchen, to surprise her mum with her swollen pout.

She said: “Mum, I just got my lips done but I hate them.

Kaliyah initially covered her mouth, but when her mum replied “you what?”, she removed her hand, showing off her fresh smile.

Her mum was in complete shock at the size of her lips.

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She exclaimed: “F**k off.

“That looks disgusting.

“Why have you done that?”

Kaliyah was in hysterics at her mum’s response, but it didn’t stop there.

Covering her mouth in disgust, her angry mum continued: “You f**king idiot. That looks awful.

“That’s horrible. You f**king idiot.

“Stupid idiot. F**k off from me”.

Kaliyah’s video has left many in hysterics and in just one day, has quickly gone viral and has racked up a whopping 2.5million views.

It has 467.1k likes, 1,826 comments and 211 shares.

TikTok users found Kaliyah’s mum’s reaction hilarious and many expressed this in the comments. 

One person said: “Mama holding her lips like it's contagious 😩😂”

Another added: “Mommy didn’t hold back did she.” 

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A third commented: “I’m screaming at your mums reaction 😂”

Whilst someone else noted: “She looked like she was gonna puke 😂”

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