I got pregnant at 20 but hate it when people call my baby an accident – we wanted kids, we just didn’t plan it for now

A WOMAN who is pregnant aged 20 has explained why she hates it when people call her baby an "accident".

Maisie Crompton took to TikTok to answer "a really common question" that she gets a lot on the social media site, which is whether or not her pregnancy was an accident.

"Now I understand because I’m 20 and pregnant and some people view that as very young to have a baby," she said.

"But our baby was never an accident, or will be called an accident, because to me there’s a very big difference between an accident and a surprise."

While Maisie considers an accident "something that happens that you don’t want", a surprise is "the best surprise that we’re ever going to get".

"So that is why you will never see me call it an accident," she said.

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"Yes they were unplanned but that doesn’t mean that they’re any less loved."

Maisie was quickly praised in the comments for words, with one person writing: "Agreed and love the way you explained."

"Just because you’re young as well doesn’t mean people should jump to that conclusion!!" another added.

"I’m 22, 21 when I got pregnant and my daughter was planned."

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"Omg yes!!" Maisie replied.

"One of my close friends is having a baby at 20 and it was 100% planned it shouldn’t be an assumption."

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"Unplanned but not unwanted!" another comment read.

"Always a difference between an accident and a surprise! love the way you described."

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