I had my jaw wired shut to lose enough weight to get my boobs reduced – trolls don't get it but it's worked for me | The Sun

FOR people who are desperate to lose weight, there are few things they won't try.

But one method that's perhaps considered more extreme than others is having slimming wires put in place.

However, for Aviwe Mazosiwe, it was the next step after having hit a plateau with her intermittent fasting weight loss.

She needed to hit a certain weight, and a certain BMI, to qualify for breast reduction surgery, which – alongside the weight loss – she's hoping will greatly improve her quality of life.

Slimming wires involve having orthodontic brackets attached to the teeth, with a wire wrapped through them to keep the jaw shut.

Aviwe has been sharing her slimming wire journey on her TikTok page.

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And while some people have praised her for taking the major step of having them installed, she has also been faced with almost constant criticism from trolls.

"I had so many negative comments but I can’t remember them all because I tried my best not to focus on those," Aviwe told us.

One of the most common questions she was asked was what would happen if she was to vomit.

"It’s crazy how many people are fixated on vomit," she laughed.

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The remarks from trolls even made her consider stop posting about her weight loss on TikTok, but then she realised that it was something she needed to share.

"I was still very new to the app itself when I started sharing my journey and the negative comments made me want to shut down the whole thing," she said.

"But I decided to keep going because it somehow felt like something I needed to share.

"Besides, the good comments made up for all the negativity."

Aviwe had her slimming wires installed on 27 June, after having previously lost 12kg following intermittent fasting, and intended to have the wires in for six weeks.

She actually ended up having them in for seven weeks, and lost a staggering 14.3kg during that time.

Food wise she kept full up on fruit and vegetable smoothies, drinking yoghurts and soup – which she called her secret weapon.

"There’s something about having something savoury that just satisfied my hunger and made any cravings disappear," she explained.

Aviwe also had the support of her friends and family, despite admitting she was unsure how they would feel about the wires.

After having the wires removed, she managed to continue to lose weight by sticking to intermittent fasting and drinking lots of water.

But she did allow herself one treat after having the wires removed.

"I had a jalapeño burger from my favourite spot," she grinned.

"I had to wait a few days after removing the wires though.

"It takes a day or two for you to be able to open your mouth wide or chew comfortably as the muscle becomes slightly stiff from being in one position for six weeks."

While Aviwe is thrilled she managed to lose weight with the slimming wires, she has some warning words for anyone thinking about following in her footsteps.

"Only do this when you’re ready and in a good space mentally, especially if you’re an emotional eater," she said.

"When you no longer have food as a source of comfort it can be a real struggle if that’s how you generally cope."

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And after getting the date through for her surgery, she's had the wires put back in for a final weight loss boost.

"I get that it’s a bit extreme but it really helped me as I struggled with self discipline and sticking to 'clean eating' over a long period," she explained.

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