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Ever wondered how you have so much stuff lying around even after you've decluttered?

At the start you are determined to be ruthless, get rid of everything and anything that is not used anymore – but it doesn't go to plan.

Well one woman has come up with a simple way of doing that for every room in the house.

The easy hack is quick and cost free and once revealed will have you thinking why didn't think of this sooner, and why wasn't I doing all the time.

Using the handle gillaleighhome.designs the interior design enthusiast she shared what she promised was a fool proof long term solution will leave your home, clean, tidy, organised  stress and clutter free.

Captioning the reel: “My Four Basket Decluttering System, Lets Go!!.” 

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And using Montell Jordan’s 90’s classic, ‘This is how we do it.’  as a sound track to get her in declutter mode, the video starts with her lining four boxes of different shapes and sizes against the wall.  

Gilla then takes four sheets of A4 paper, Sellotape and a permanent marker pen and goes on to label each box. 

The first one Gilla labels in capital letters donate, the second one she writes keep, third box is marked sell and the last taller box labels with the word trash. 

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After marking the boxes it is clear to see that the cleaning enthusiast is raring to go as she captions this part of the video Ready..Set..GO!! 

First up is the bedroom Gilla then goes on to dump clothes in the respective boxes in minutes.

Once full she urges her 704.3k followers to empty the contents into bin liners.  And repeat the process until the room is clear and clutter free.

Gilla then repeats the process in every room in the house and the end result is a clutter free house that is devoid of any excess mess of clutter. 

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Fans quickly flocked to her page to comment on the ingenious hack. 

Nelly posted: “Thanks for sharing, I’m going to do this.” While Erin Hawkinson wrote: “Brilliant.” and follower Luchy added: “I needed this, thanks.”

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