I hate wearing bras – people tell me I should 'cover up' but I don't care, I'll dress how I want | The Sun

ONE hippies doesn't mind looking a bit nippy, as long as she's comfortable.

Grace, who goes by the TikTok handle @eyein.themoon, says people tell her to cover up — but she doesn't like wearing bras and won't do it because they say so.

Grace has a very bohemian style when it comes to her clothes.

She wears everything from baggy overalls and harem pants to flowy tops and crocheted cardigans.

She usually has several layers of brightly colored, patterned and textured clothing pieces on at any given time.

And even more so like the hippies, Grace doesn’t have a fondness for wearing bras or being constricted by them.

In one TikTok video, Grace wore a crop top with an illustration of hands reaching toward each other on it. Her stomach and pierced belly button peeked out beneath it.

Overtop, she wore a long brown cardigan. She also wore tie-dyed harem pants.

Grace accessoried with a wide fabric headband, layers of necklaces, and a collection of beaded bracelets.

Sans bra, she slightly adjusted her shirt as text on the screen read: “To the girls that told me to cover up and wear a bra.”

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Indirectly calling out her haters, the audio over the video said: “Sorry but you’re not terribly important."

“Disrespectfully, I’m gonna wear what I want,” Grace added in the caption.

People hyped up Grace in the comments and backed up her decision to wear what she wants, especially if she hates wearing bras.

“PERIOOOODDD!!!” someone wrote, and another added: “You inspire me. Thank you.”

Others called out the girls who picked on Grace and her style.

“I’m sorry GIRLS? SMH disappointed,” someone wrote.

Another person reassured Grace: “Please it’s just jealousy bc god damn, you are gorgeous.”

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