I have big boobs – trolls call me a ‘circus freak’ but I’m making the world a better place, they can’t say the same | The Sun

A BIG-CHESTED woman whose platform promotes body positivity is having to cope with the darker side of social media.

One particularly cruel comment has brought back painful childhood memories.

But TikToker Jolene Mendez (@JoMama) is determined not to be diminished by the jibe.

Her post is a strong rebuff to this invisible ‘keyboard warrior’.

This woman knows her worth and will not be shut down.

Stood in a sunlit room, Jolene wore a vivid blue top as she shared the comment that so shocked her.

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The anonymous user said: “Used to go to the circus to see freaks.”

As she stared directly into the lens, she appeared almost speechless: “Every now and then I get a comment that triggers me and this is one of them.”

And it hurts: “Being different growing up, I felt like a circus freak," she said.

She still experiences that horrid feeling, she said: “F*ck, sometimes today I still feel it.”

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This TikTok queen called him out for hiding and not being brave enough to show himself.

“They sulk they hide, they attack, because it makes them feel better about themselves.”

Jolene continued, incredulous that anyone could be so cruel: "But then I get a guy like you, and I’m assuming you’re a guy, who wants to call me a circus freak.”

She continued: “I take my circus freakshow on TikTok to inspire and motivate other women.

"I hope that little circus freaks like I used to be will grow up and learn to disregard people like you.”

It was a stylish, dignified response.

She’s had a tough journey, but this lady won’t be shut down by unkind trolls anymore.

“But at the end of the day, when I can look at myself in the mirror, I can feel that I made the world a better place.

“I’m a better person and I feel love and I’m really sad that you can’t do the same.”

Her fans loved her strength through such abuse.

“That’s right sis,” said one.

“Love you sis, You are amazing and beautiful,” said another.

Take no notice said one fan: “As someone who knows you in person, even in real life you’re beautiful both inside and out. Ignore them.”

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Someone had some plain speaking: “That’s right. F*ck them, you are beautiful inside and out.”

Finally, be careful who you take on: “I dare these people to say this shit to my face. They easily say this bullsh*t behind a fake p[rofile and a screen. Catch me in Walmart with that attitude.”

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