I have four triplets – people are always confused when I say it but the kids understand so that’s all that matters | The Sun

A MUM shared sweet videos of her “four triplets”, but confused people with the wording.

TikTok user @mamato7_5here_2above posted an adorable clip of the four children sleeping together.

She wrote: “My four little triplets”, which left some people scratching their heads.

One confused viewer wrote: “Four triplets??? When there’s triplets ain’t there gonna be three of them?”

The mum actually has her work cut out for her as she currently has five kids under the age of five.

She first had a son, and then had triplets shortly after.


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Tragically two of the triplets – a boy and a girl – passed away.

The third triplet, who is a girl, is healthy and thriving today. 

The family ended up having another set of triplets, who were all pictured in the clip, alongside the girl from their first triplet set. 

A viewer explained: “For those that don’t know the oldest sister is a triplet.

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“Her brother and sister passed then mom had a second set of triplets they’re all triplets.”

The busy mum previously revealed the lengthy routine she goes through at bedtime every night – leaving other parents exhausted and impressed in equal measure.

Sharing a video on TikTok, the mum explained that bedtime doesn't always go to plan, as she tried to settle her triplets to sleep.

But the babies weren't having any of it, taking it in turns to wake up and cry as the tired-looking mum tried her best to placate them.

Once all five of her kids, including the triplets' older brother and sister, were asleep, she took the camera downstairs and showed the bedlam her kids has left behind.

"I told you guys, sometimes they do not go to sleep as beautifully in the crib as some of my TikToks let on," she said in the video.

After wiping off the sides and hoovering the kitchen, she then mopped the floors and moved onto the living room, where toys were strewn all over the floor.

"I should have better prepared you guys that this was a really rough weekend, so this is a rough cleaning night routine video," she added.

The video ended with her eating cookie dough out of the pot, as she commented: "I'm not ready for Monday."

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