I have naturally big boobs – men always make the same rude comments, but I just ignore them | The Sun

ONE naturally big-boobed woman has no tolerance for men who try and break her confidence.

She has no problem carrying the weight of her chest and the criticism that comes with it.

In her video, Jolie Boero (@jolieboero) made it clear she's used to people making mean comments about her figure.

The TikTok creator decided to call out the crude individuals while she sat in the car waiting for her friend.

She wore a V-cut teddy coat that did not provide any chest coverage.

Her long hair fell flat on her chest, covering the top and exposing her cleavage.

"Me having naturally big boobs," Jolie said.

She used the video sound to mimic the hateful remarks people make.

"So there you go, oh. Can't make a wife out of a h**," the music sang.

Jolie admitted: "Literally every boy ever."

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Viewers had mixed opinions about Jolie's post, debating whether or not they wanted to see "so much" of her chest.

"Just because you have them, doesn't mean you got to plaster them on here," one harsh person said.

A skeptic commented: "No way these are natural."

Kind viewers rushed to show Jolie support amongst the trolls.

"You're gorgeous. Change nothing," a sweet man wrote.

Another viewer noted: "The heart is the only thing that matters.

"If anything else matters, then they need to grow up."

One man added: "Don't allow those who focus on what's not important to bring you down."

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