I have two ‘babies’ I love doing shopping hauls for – I’m trolled for buying formula but I don’t care what people say | The Sun

A UK woman has revealed a haul of baby items she got for her two realistic-looking dolls leaving people stunned.

The woman, who goes by @mummyof2reborns on TikTok showed off her haul of goodies – but one item caused controversy.

Sharing her haul on TikTok, the woman showed off what she bought herself and her two dolls – Summer grace and Reggie-lee.

She picked up baby wipes and two packs of dummies for her babies, as well as two containers of the Kendamil baby formula.

The video soon went viral with over 500k views and people quickly took to the comments section to slam the mum for buying formula for the dolls.

One wrote: "please please NOT Kendamil! Most supermarkets do not stock it so it’s ridiculously hard to get hold of!! I’m sure your plastic toys won’t go hungry!"


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Another person remarked: "I’ve been to my supermarket 3 times in the last few days to get Kendamil for my REAL daughter and I can’t find any."

A third added: "Not me struggling to find Kendamil for my real baby."

However, this isn't the first time the woman has come under fire for using baby formula for her dolls.

In another video, she hit back at people who slammed her for using formula, as she bottle-fed Reggie-lee.

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She wrote: "If you don't like our family but still watch our videos then baby, you're just a fan."

The woman regularly shares her life with her dolls and often posts videos of her preparing formula for them and has even claimed she is able to breastfeed them.

However, plenty of people have urged her to stop using formula and to make her own with flour or cornstarch.

One wrote: "keep the tin, wash it out and use milkshake powder or powdered milk. don't take supplies from babies that need it."

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Another person suggested: "What a waste of milk."

A third commented: "Use dried milk. You’re wasting VALUABLE resources."

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