I looked 30 when I was 13 and things have only got worse – people can never believe my age when they see all my photos | The Sun

A WOMAN who has looked "30 since she was 13" has shared a hilarious look at some of her old photographs.

Jessica took to TikTok to share a slideshow of throwback snaps, as she responded to someone who had commented on one of her previous videos: "How u look 30 for the past 10 years without being 30?"

She began her clip with a shot of herself and an older man on a motorbike, as she said: "People always think this is a photo of my parents, and not just me – at 14."

"I’ve been 30 since I was 13."

Of a picture of herself in a red bikini with some friends, she said: "I’m 15 in this photo and they’re 16 and this is always the photo that people will be like, ‘Oh my God, that’s such a clear example of how you look elderly in comparison’."

She was a fan of the "business casual" look, as she showed with a collage of herself for "every day of the week".

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"This is me at 18 years old," Jessica said of another picture of herself posing for a professional photo.

"I think it was business casual jean Friday at my office except I didn’t work at one!"

And of a picture of herself in a blue top and black pencil skirt, she said: "This is me at 14 when I bought my first pencil skirt.

"Because when you’re 14, you should love a good pencil skirt. I’m also wearing the pencil skirt up to my t*ts, because I wanted to show my upper knee.

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"Thankfully, since I was 14 years old I have had a size 10 foot, so I could wear all my mum’s sexy boots."

People took to the comments section to weigh in on Jessica's video, with one writing: "Born a real estate agent!"

"tbh u look younger now than half of these pics," another added.

"It’s def the thin brows and hooded eyes you look like a 90s baddie," a third commented.

While someone else wrote: "I too loved a good pencil skirt at 14, also a peplum top and ballet flats, why did we dress 46????"

"What happened between 14 and 15 how did you become 30?" another laughed.

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