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WE ALL know that taking the kids to school in your pyjamas is a huge no-no, but that hasn't stopped one mum.

Charlie Hayes, a mum-of-one from the UK regularly shows off the flamboyant outfits she picks out to take her son Jasper to school.

And while she often gets comments telling her that she dresses 'too sexily' for the school run, people have praised her for not going in her pyjamas.

That is until now.

In a recent TikTok video, the mum showed off her latest ensemble which featured the mum going out in her dressing gown.

But unlike most of us who end up going in our pyjamas because of the morning rush, Charlie planned to style up her dressing gown.


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She started with some pink tights to wear under her trousers as they were sheer.

The fashion fan paired the pale pink trousers with a pink vintage top.

Charlie added: "I'm trying to get creative, I thought maybe this night robe which I wear to bed.

"But I'm going to style it as an outdoors piece."

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The mum chucked on her black silk dressing gown which featured a pink cherry blossom pattern before adding a black corset on top.

"This one is for all the people that say 'at least she's not going to the school run in her pyjamas because I am,'" she added.

In an attempt to make it look more like outerwear, Charlier wore some silk pink gloves to go with it.

She finished the look with a pink corset bag and black heels with pink bows.

The video has since gone viral with over 46k views and people quickly took to the comments section to share their thoughts.

Many were stunned by just how well Charlie managed to make her dressing gown look stylish for the school run.

One wrote: "You always look so glamorous."

Another person commented: "I love this look."

"Absolutely love this one," penned a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "I think this is my fav outfit you’ve done."

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"No but this one is next level if that was possible," claimed a fifth.

Another wrote: "This is my favourite outfit of yours."

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