I paid £280 for clip-in veneers to hide my teeth, I finally feel confident but trolls are brutal about my new look | The Sun

A WOMAN who paid £280 for a set of clip-in veneers has hit back at trolls who have been less than complimentary about her new look.

Gemma took to TikTok to reveal her new smile, writing: "Guys guys guys!!! LOOK AT MY NEW TEETH."

In the accompanying video, she showed her teeth as they looked before, and after having the veneers.

And after she was inundated with cruel comments from trolls, she wrote: "Any comments about the size of my new teeth or how I look will be deleted and you will be blocked.

"For once I’m actually confident in myself and some of you are trying to shove me down again. I’m not having it anymore."

Gemma also responded to some comments from people asking for more information about the veneers, revealing she paid £280 instead of the usual £400 in a flash sale.

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She added: "I know they look so different to my natural teeth.

"But I’m ok with that – I actually really like them and I do not care what anyone else has to say about them. 

"If you have nothing nice to say, your comment will be deleted and you’ll be blocked, so goodbye.

"I don’t have time for trolls anymore – I’m too busy with my new smile."

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In another video, Gemma demonstrated how to put the veneers in, and she also responded to one person who called them a "waste of money".

"Don’t you think if I could have got my real teeth done then I would have done that instead of having clip ins?" she sighed.

"Clip ins was literally my last resort.

"I can’t get my actual teeth done, the dentists shunned me, they literally dropped me.

"I can’t get my natural teeth done so clip ins was the next best thing."

Gemma was born with a condition called Amelogenesis imperfecta – a rare inherited disorder which causes abnormal enamel formation.

Other people were more complimentary about Gemma's new look, with one writing: "That’s literally transformed you, you look amazing girl!"

"They look great!" another added.

"You were beautiful with your old teeth but seeing your confidence change is amazing! Happy for you."

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"Wow they’re gorgeous," a third commented.

"I want mine done so badly… you go girl!"

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