I quit my life to work on a cruise ship so I’m paid to travel the world – but there’s a bit of it I really don’t like | The Sun

FOR many people, going on a luxury cruise is something they dream of.

However, one woman has revealed how she has moved onto a cruise ship full time and gets to wake up in beautiful locations like Alaska every day.

The biggest risk I’ve taken has payed off! Alaska SZN almost over and here’s some of the highlights!! 💜🫶🏻❤️✨ #workingonacruiseship #cruiseshipworker #alaskatravel #nclencore

TikTok user @vix.voyaging has uploaded a series of videos showing off her life on board her swanky Carnival liner.

She revealed how she works in one of the shops on board, and the job has enabled her to see more of the world.

The cruise worker said: “The biggest risk I’ve taken has paid off! 

“Alaska SZN almost over and here’s some of the highlights.”

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She then showed herself on deck in her uniform, before displaying some of the jaw-dropping landscapes she has witnessed.

The TikTok user also revealed the adventures she has had on land, including exploring new cities and seeing local wildlife.

Before she arrived on board, she wrote: “Me thinking about how I’m packing up my life and flying to Seattle in 5 days by myself to spend 6 months living on a cruise ship, working every single day, living in a cabin with a mate and exploring the world.”

Despite the job having numerous perks, she said there is one drawback – the long hours.

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She uploaded a lighthearted clip that said: “Me reading how many hours per week I’ll be working when I join my cruise ship.”

She joked that the number was 30,000, and added: “Work hard play hard am i righttt.”

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However, she clarified that she loves the role for being “different” and “exciting”, even though it is “tiring.”

Many people praised her for taking the plunge, with one saying: “amazing!! enjoy.”

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