I rent my house but wanted to decorate my kitchen – I transformed it with pink Shein tiles but not everyone is convinced | The Sun

DECORATING can be tricky when you are in a rented house, but there are some clever hacks you can try.

TikTok user @miss_christinaxo, from Los Angeles, revealed the rent-friendly transformation she gave her kitchen, turning it from bland into a pink paradise.

Fed up of her white walls, make-up artist Christina Marie bought some “peel and stick pink wall” tiles from Shein. 

All she had to do was peel off the back, and then she could stick the quilted-look tiles to her kitchen.

The best part of the transformation is that the wall stickers appear to be £4.30 for a 70cm by 35cm shape.

Steph explained that she was going to peel them off with a knife when she moves.

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To finish off the look, the TikToker added some strip lights under her cabinets.

Her video has racked up over 500,000 likes and people were quick to comment.

One praised the look, saying: “vibesss.”

However, not everyone was convinced, with one person writing: “I would never!”

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Although this DIY project appeared to be a success, not all of her makeovers have gone down well.

Previously, she claimed to be left traumatised after trying to put up cherry print wallpaper.

Optimistic, she began cutting the wallpaper into smaller sections and sticking each on one of the walls in the room.

But just over halfway through, the blonde came to discover she hadn't ordered enough of the cheerful wallpaper, leaving some parts of the wall white.

This didn't stop her though, as she quickly thought of a solution – grabbing bits of a fuchsia ribbon and glueing them across the first layer.

However, as Christina revealed in the now-viral video, this was a total fail, and not only was the end result wonky and uneven but the design was far from what she had expected.

''Omg i still have a headache from this s%#!'' the make-up pro wrote in the caption, desperately seeking help from viewers.

Although many suggested she continued with the cherry aesthetic, Christina said she needed some time to ''regroup''.

''I’m not sure I’m mentally ready to order more cherry wallpaper. I‘m traumatized from the first experience of trying to hang it.''

Amongst the 1.4million people who watched the clip were also those who didn't think the end result was that bad – however, the DIY ''pro'' explained she liked things to be perfect.

''I’m just a perfectionist, it’s the Virgo in me.''

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Sharing their recommendations, one person suggested: ''honestly just do a bunch of different walls with different squares, cherry square here, pink here.''

Someone else commented: ''you could get cork board in the solid red places it’d be super cute!''

Another thought: ''make it checkered.''

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