I set up a swingers club at 22 – my mum helps me run it | The Sun

SWINGING is back on the rise.

And Milo Barret is cashing in on the kinky trend… with the help of his mum.

The 22-year-old has created an online swinger platform to help people chat, meet ‘playmates’ and find swingers’ get-togethers.

Speaking to Miranda Kane on the latest episode of Metro.co.uk’s Smut Drop podcast, Milo explained that he was inspired to create his company after he accidentally found himself in a swingers club in London when looking for a local gym. 

After doing some research Milo found that non-monogamous people were ‘massively underserved’ in the world of dating apps. 

So Milo decided to create a dating app that catered for that demographic.

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He came up with a platform which identifies as both a swingers site and open relationship app.

Velroo promoted the idea that consenting adults should be able to do whatever they want behind closed doors. 

The company offers its users the option to create their own sex parties and threesomes and allows them to narrow down their potential partners based on criteria such as physical characteristics.

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Milo believes swingers are stereotyped as older individuals but his app shows that is not necessarily the case.

He said: “In sex clubs, you see people as young as 21, young professionals who have got very high paying jobs in the city.

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“There’s this massive stereotype that swinging is just old men sitting around pools, and that’s not the case”.

He believes with a rise in polyamourous relationships swinging is becoming the norm.

Milo said: “We’re seeing a great change in things with Gen Z, removing a lot of stigmas, because a lot of people are swinging”.

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Milo revealed his mum will be helping him run the business.

He told the podcast: “My mum will be taking care of the admin, but I don’t want her to be verifying all the naked pictures that come through the site”.

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