I spent $48 on Skims only for it to be see-through – people urged me to buy Shein’s $5 dupe instead | The Sun

KIM Kardashian's iconic SKIMS collection has everything from shapewear to outerwear.

However, some customers have been left disappointed with the pricey products, and are now shopping for alternatives.

TikTok user Chisom Aimiee showed her followers her $48 SKIMS purchase, which turned out to have a significant issue.

Chisom purchased the Fits Everybody T-Shirt in dark brown but noticed the top showed off more than she had anticipated.

In her video, the UK-based TikToker said: "When you spent FORTY SIX Great British pounds on a SKIMS tee just for it to be completely see through."

Chisom's bra was clearly visible through the sheer top from Kim Kardashian's collection.

The TikToker captioned her video: "Run me my refund Kim."

Chisom's followers took to the TikTok comment section to share their thoughts on the tee.

"SKIMS is so poor quality expected better to be honest," commented one viewer.

Other users suggested alternatives to Kim's iconic range, including an affordable SHEIN dupe.

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"SHEIN is the way forward," said one TikTok user.

"The SHEIN dupes are performing. I’m outside in one right now," commented one viewer.

Another person wrote: "Zara is selling the same thing with really good quality for 7.99 [GBP]."

"I have one in the exact same color from H&M, it was like a fiver and really good quality," commented another follower.

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