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A WOMAN and her nan decided to do a blind taste test of M&S and Aldi snacks to see which of the supermarkets tasted better.

Hannah Marling shared the video on YouTube and revealed there was a clear winner between the supermarkets.

In the clip posted to her account, @HannahMarling, she said: "We have decided to do a snack war, so we have a table filled with products from Aldi and products from M&S."

To make the experiment as fair as possible, the pair were blindfolded for the food tastings.

To start, the pair first tried some chocolate chunk biscuits which cost 95p from Aldi and £2.25 from M&S.

Both Hannah and her nan preferred the Aldi cookie to the M&S one.


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The pair then tried some chocolate chip brioche from both supermarkets and this time, the £1.80 M&S rolls won the round instead of the £1.19 Aldi versions.

The food fans then moved on to a savoury snack – honey mustard pretzel thins which cost 99p from Aldi and £1.35 from M&S.

Hannah's nan couldn't choose between the two, but Hannah preferred the Aldi pretzels as they had 'more flavour.'

Next, they tried some classic sausage rolls – The Aldi ones cost £1.29 vs M&S ones for £2.

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Hannah didn't seem keen on either of the sausage rolls – but she agreed with her nan that the M&S one did taste better.

They then tried the Rocky Road bites which come in a bucket and cost £2.19 from Aldi and £3.50 from M&S.

The pair couldn't agree on who was the winner, her nan preferred Aldi's 'denture friendly rocky road,' while Hannah preferred the M&S one.

They then tried both shops' salt and vinegar crips, the Aldi crisps costing £1.49 and the M&S ones costing £2, but M&S one the battle of the crips.

Next, they tried the chocolatey biscuit rounds, £1.09 from Aldi and £2.25 from M&S.

Hannah added: "A big difference in price, but I will be surprised if Aldi is better than this (M&S)."

And Hannah was correct – as both agreed the M&S biscuits were best.

They then tried both shops' versions of Coco Pops – The Aldi version cost 89p whereas M&S cost £1.20.

Hannah preferred the Aldi one as it was more chocolatey, but her nan was a big fan of the M&S ones.

Lastly, the pair tried garlic bread from both shops.

The M&S ones cost £2.20 and the Aldi ones cost £1.49, although there were a smaller amount of slices in the M&S bag, the slices were way bigger.

However, both agreed the Aldi one had much more flavour.

Hannah added; "I always find the cheaper the garlic bread, the better."

In total, M&S was the top supermarket when it came to the flavour of the snacks.

Hannah revealed that the Aldi shop cost her £11.57 in total, whereas M&S cost her £18.55 for the same amount of items.

The video was a hit with viewers, one wrote: "Great idea to pick a winner instead of guessing which is which!"

Another commented: "M&S do everything better than any supermarket! Absolutely no competition."

"You could do Waitrose v Lidl if they have similar products," added a third.

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