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A SAVVY dad has taken to TikTok to reveal how he’s tackled the condensation and mould in his home – and his hack will help keep them cool in the summer too. 

TikTokker @wilmill18 shared a video explaining how got rid of the condensation and mould he kept finding around the windows in his daughter’s bedroom. 

He reveals that he fitted a Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) unit on his hallway ceiling to help regulate the pressure and temperature in his home. 

Now mould is no longer a problem for the family – and apparently, it costs no more than a light bulb to run.

Filming in his daughter's room, he said: “I see a lot of videos about people who have a problem with damp or mould around their windows and I just wanted to quickly share how I solved mine. 

“So this window in my daughter’s bedroom has got two external walls. 


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“Old Victorian house, this wall used to get soaking wet with condensation. This corner down here used to get cold, damp. 

“This window was black with mould. 

“I used to have a dehumidifier and all those little tricks of mould remover never worked. 

“So last winter I installed this up in the loft. It’s a PIV unit – positive input ventilation. 

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“It takes filtered air from the loft and it just has a constant blast, even spray of air that comes out. 

“And what it does is that filtered air makes the house ever so slightly more positive pressure than the outside, and it just constantly ventilates our house. 

“So the bedroom now, even though it’s still quite cold in here when the heating’s not on, the humidity has dropped from an average of over 80 per cent to always around 60, 70, and mould has never returned. 

“This window used to stream with condensation, now maybe a little bar on the very coldest of days and that will go very quickly as well. 

“Completely solved the issue. 

“The unit cost £400, installed it myself but it costs about the same as a light bulb to run, so very very cheap to run compared to a dehumidifier. 

“And we’re even able to do things like hang out washing up over the stairs and it dries much quicker than it used to. 

“And actually it also keeps the heat down so the downstairs of our house stays very warm. 

“All it is, this landing, this hallway, it’s a little bit colder than the rest of the house, but who sits on their landing anyway? 

“The rest of the house stays much warmer, much less heating and no more damp.”

Shoppers can get the units from various retailers, with prices starting from £252. 

Fans loved the dad’s savvy hack, with the video gaining more than 50,900 likes and 1.7 million views. 

In the comments, the content creator’s followers shared their reactions, with one writing: “I am an electrician and have fitted a few of these, they are great. google nuaire dri master. Dead easy to fit.”

Another said: ”This is a game changer big time. I’m a housing manager for a medium-sized social landlord. I’m bringing this up at the next meeting. Thanks.”

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A third added: “Oh I’m so doing this in my house!!”

Someone else put: “The Dri eco HC (hall controlled) will cost no more than £18 A YEAR to run. The heated version will cost around £1 a day to run. They are excellent.”

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