I visited the Disneyland McDonald's and some off the food was unreal – people are desperate for the McFlurry | The Sun

A FOODIE who visited a Disneyland McDonald’s has left people yearning for a McFlurry flavour unavailable in the UK.

Content creator Jess shared a fast food haul while on a trip to the franchise’s Parisian branch.

And while some of the items were similar to the UK, others have left people moaning about the British menu.

Jess started the food haul with nuggets before boasting that McDonald’s breakfast was available all day in Disneyland Paris. 

The fries are the same as British ones but come with a special dipping sauce called Pommes Frites Sauce. 

Jess joked on her TikTok page Jess Doing Life: “They do this weird chip sauce.

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“It’s a bit weird.”

The next standout thing was the fizzy drink lids.

Rather than getting a soggy paper straw from sipping, Disneyland Paris McDonald’s use coffee-style lids for easy drinking.

Jess called the innovative idea “banging” and hailed the fact it meant “no more soggy straws”.

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She said: “The Fanta is banging.

“It always is from Maccies, ain’t it?”

The next item was a McChicken Sandwich which she called “standard like home”.

Similarly, the Big Macs were reminiscent of what you get in Britain but came in wrapped packaging rather than a box. 

The ultimate standout of her fast food haul was the Disneyland McFlurrys. 

Jess gushed: “Look at this salted caramel Biscoff McFlurry.

“It was absolutely stunning.

“Get to England ASAP.

“It blew my bloody socks off.”

Not only were Jess’ viewers drooling over the flavour, many couldn’t believe how much topping was on the ice cream.

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One person moaned: “Their McFlurrys are so good! Why can’t the UK have decent sized toppings?”

Another echoed: “That's ten lots worth of McFlurry topping from home.”

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