I wanted a stunning rose cake for my birthday but sent the wrong photo by mistake – I was mortified with what arrived | The Sun

HE wanted to surprise pals with a stunning rose cake for his birthday celebrations – but what arrived left him mortified.

Planning a birthday is no joke – there's invitations to send, food to arrange, decorations to sort out…

To make his little a little easier, the rising YouTube star, Robert Tolppi, decided to have a bakery make a cake – and he even found a stunning design to order.

In his mind, he would serve a red velvet cake with black roses.

But upon opening the delivered treat, Robert was mortified and quickly realised the major error he had made.

Rather than sending a snap of the cake he wanted, the YouTuber attached the wrong image by mistake – it was a close-up selfie of the bloke looking rather stern.

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It appears that the bakery did not question Robert about wanting a cake that is a replica of his face and did not ask him if that's what he truly wanted – because whenhe opened the box, he saw his own reflection.

Mortified and unsure what else to do, Robert decided to stick a few candles and go forward with the celebrations anyway.

''At least it was a red velvet cake,'' he chuckled in the caption of the video uploaded on TikTok.

The unfortunate fail has since gone viral, racking up over a 741k views in just a few hours.

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And it's safe to say, social media users were in hysterics, with one writing: ''they must get some weird requests if they didn't automatically question the picture lmao.''

Another laughed: ''Task failed successfully.''

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Many also thought the face cake was, in fact, better than what he had originally wanted.

''the face cake is totally better. So it’s a happy accident.''

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''First face cake i've ever seen that doesn't look completely butchered,'' someone else added.

''THATS HILARIOUS. but it turned out so cool!!!'' a fan penned.

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