I was 23 when I met my man, 43, & we're constantly trolled for our age gap – but we’re so happy we’ve just had a baby | The Sun

THEY say love knows no age and one couple to preach this motto is Chad and Mimi.

The duo, believed to be from the US, formed when Mimi, now 29, met her husband Chad when she was just 23 and he was 43.

After tying the knot a while ago, the couple have since begun to share their journey on TikTok, where the love story has amassed them close to 70,000 followers.

The two have now been together for six years and recently became parents to an adorable baby girl – a heartwarming moment Mimi said they were ''still not over''.

But despite being in love, Mimi and Chad have been constantly trolled for the 20-year age gap.

Here, many people on social media have pointed out that Mimi was not yet even born when her now-hubby was already 20.

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Others claimed that that's the age difference between them and their parents, with one meanie writing: ''That’s literally me and my dad’s age gap.''

Under of of Mimi's videos, someone else had done some maths and commented: ''he had graduated highschool and was in college the day you were born.''

A few people also reckoned that Chad was too old to be a first-time father, as a TikTok fan said: ''Dads gonna be living in a senior home by the time graduation rolls by.''

However, it seems that none of these nasty comments get to Mimi, who believes that age is nothing but a number – as long as you are happy and in love, that's all that matters.

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Reminiscing over their wedding day, the 29-year-old said if one of them dies first, she hoped it was her.

''Cause I don't want to live without your. I don't wanna ever learn how to fall asleep without you.''

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Fortunately, despite being targeted by countless meanies online, the two have also seen heaps of support by fellow age gap couples.

''Beautiful couple. Older men are better and mature. Me and my bf have 15 years age gap,'' one wrote.

A fan penned: ''The fact people are hating on their age gap is laughable.

''They’re grown adults. They’re legal…Focus on yourselves.''

Mimi and Chad are not the first ones to see hate on social media – recently one woman was trolled for being with a man who's 40 years her senior.

The King and Queen of Blackjack (@cowboy.and.angel) regularly share snaps of what they call short '''documentaries on love'' on social media.

Although the age of the individuals is not known, the two confirmed there is a 40-year age gap between them.

With the average age difference for heterosexual couples being 2.3 years – the man is usually the older one – the TikTok-famous duo has left many questioning the authenticity of the relationship.

Under almost every clip The King and Queen of Blackjack have posted there are dozens of comments by trolls who believe the young woman is in the relationship simply for the money and the lavish lifestyle.

Some even guessed the blonde – who's thought to be around 25 by a few viewers – is after life insurance and his trust fund.

But despite the critique and negative remarks, the couple, who claimed they matched on Tinder, continue to share short clips of their romantic story.

In one such video, the two could be seen leaving the Bahamas where they appeared to have stayed in a posh hotel and enjoyed plenty of champagne and good weather.

As well as enjoying night-outs and clubbing, the duo also appear to be regular visitors of casinos, where they take part in playing blackjack.

''He’s the master I’m still learning,'' the woman revealed.

At the end of one such session at the Greenbrier, a luxury resort located in West Virginia where an average one-night stay will cost more than £400, the couple claimed they left with a hefty $150,000 (£114,500) cheque.

''Your the reason I wake up everyday [sic]. Thank you for loving me. Love you till the end,'' the man commented on of the videos his partner had posted.

Although the two are said to have met on Tinder, some sceptical viewers didn't believe this, with a few even alleging they'd seen the man's profile on Seeking Arrangements – one of the most popular dating sites for sugar babies and sugar daddies/mummies.

There are countless of comments trolls have left – but it isn't all negative, as there are also plenty of those who support the relationship.

''He’s attractive, idk why you all are just acting like it’s about money [sic]. Some people are just attracted to men older than them,'' read one comment.

Someone else agreed: ''I’m telling y’all, this finna be me in a months time [sic].

''I know because these older men are the only ones that treat you like a lady and love magically!''

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In fact, quite a few stated the same, with some viewers even wondering if the man had any brothers or friends of a similar age.

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