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A FORMER Twin Peaks employee has come clean in a tell-all video about her daily life with nasty coworkers at the restaurant.

The woman shared personal details about her interactions within the workplace, especially how close the waitress-customer relationship can get and her experience with the rating system among Twin Peaks Girls at that restaurant.

Digital creator Junalice Garcia shares a candid video on YouTube that includes crazy stories from her time working at the Texas-based dining franchise, Twin Peaks.

The video came as a request from a subscriber who was interested in what she went through during her Twin Peaks days.

She tells viewers about how much she hated the catty behavior at work and the little things Twin Peaks girls were rated and rewarded for at that location based on their physical appearance.

One experience, in particular, was the most memorable for her because it set her apart as no longer a nice, quiet girl but someone to respect and revere in the workplace.


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Back when she worked at Twin Peaks, Garcia says she used to be incredibly quiet and reclusive.

She kept to herself, made her money for the day, didn't interact much with co-workers, and just went about her normal life.

"Until one day, I went off on this girl, and this girl thinks that I got her fired," she explains.

Classified as a "bad waitress" by the content creator, she alleges that the woman had a mean attitude and wasn't the most liked by managers.

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The woman was well known to go home with customers that spent a lot of money at her section.

Similar to any regular restaurant layout, there were specific sections designated for Twin Peaks Girls during their shifts.

During her time, the way sections were dispersed among waitresses at Twin Peaks she says was a bit different than others and based on a grading system among the women.

"Now, that is your physical appearance, like your weight, your hair, your makeup, your nails, the jewelry on your body, the belt you wear, literally, the f*cking colors of your shoes…they, like, f*cking critique everything," she claims.

Garcia alleges that if you're not top-notch all-around, you will be knocked down on the Twin Peaks Girl rating scale.

"If you're the highest ranked girl, you will get to be the first to pick out the better sections, and if you're the lowest girl, you will get the section that nobody wants to sit at," she states.

As a result, the digital creator says ranking would "make every girl get mad and want to kill each other," which ended up pitting many of the girls against one another.

The "bad waitress" was normally late and a bad employee so Garcia says she typically received the worst sections.

Garcia admits that at certain times during her Twin Peaks career she was one of those girls and addressed her annoyance with the ranking system in face-to-face conflict.

"If you weren't, like, the cutest or, like, the well-put-together girl, girls would not be scared to let you know that you're not cute," she declares.

This is how she ended up in an altercation with the "bad waitress" after she aired her frustrations with her given section to Garcia.

After back-and-forth aggressive banter, the other woman then throws a marker at the digital creator in front of the entire restaurant and management staff, which ultimately led to her being fired.

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Garcia didn't end up staying at the food establishment much longer after the incident but proved that she was not someone to mess with.

The US Sun reached out to Twin Peaks for a comment and has not heard back.

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