I was bored of my ‘normal’ life so I moved my family into a bus full-time, people are always shocked by how flash it is | The Sun

FOR the majority of us, living in a house and going to work is pretty standard.

But one family revealed that they wanted more than just ‘normal’ life.

Known on social media as The Briles Family, Aleja, 28 and her husband Blake, 30, decided to sell their home,  cars and furniture and buy a home on wheels instead.

The couple bought a bus and now live in the bus full-time with their son Everest and their three dogs, Beau, Lily and Tater.

The pair are also currently expecting their second child, a baby girl, who is due in February.

The couple have been together for seven years and have had a real journey – the couple explained: “We have battled infertility, miscarriage, had a beautiful baby boy named Everest, gone through corporate jobs, business ventures and now the adventure of a LIFETIME!”

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The couple made the decision to sell their home and live in a bus full-time, after feeling as though they needed a reset.

Blake explained: “We were just talking and taking an inventory of our lives and we asked the question, ‘what do we really want to do in life?’ and that’s where a lot of change happened”. 

Aleja continued: “We wanted more but we wanted less if that makes sense – you know, we had the great big house in Dallas, Texas, we had the big backyard and all the things.

“It was super hard but we wanted a little more fullness in different ways – we wanted to sell the material things that we had so that we could afford to do this full-time.

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“Blake quit his job, we sold our house, our car and almost everything we own to buy an RV and travel the United States for the foreseeable future. 

“We felt called to do this because we desperately needed a reset, we felt that we were in a time in our life where we could go with the flow of "normal", or chase adventure and change and nature and beauty. 

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“We feel that these moments will be so special for us as a couple, as parents and for Everest and our baby girl, though they may not remember it, we feel that we are planting this seed in their souls to chase their dreams and seek something different and beautiful”.

The family showed off their home on wheels on TikTok and it left people very impressed. 

The couple said: “The place Evy calls “BUS!” Welcome to our home on wheels!”.

Aleja took TikTok users on a quite tour around their bus – revealing their very modern, glamorous kitchen.

There’s a seating area with two large comfy chairs and a small table that folds out into an even bigger table, so the family can truly maximise their space.

Not only this, but there’s also a bed that pulls down from the ceiling, again to maximise their living space – there’s even a small ladder, so their son Everest can climb up.

There’s another room in the bus with a double bed too.

Following this, Aleja showed the upstairs of the bus, where there is a huge open plan space for their son Everest.

Next, the back of the bus opens up to a large seating area, with a huge flat-screen TV and a sofa.

As well as this, there’s even an outside seating area where the family have two deck chairs for admiring the gorgeous views on their travels. 

TikTok users were left stunned at the home and wheels and expressed this in the comments.

One person said: “Oh this is amazing. I like how the bed folds away and your view is stunning”.

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Another added: “Love it!!”.

A third commented: “So fun”.

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