I was shamed for wearing a corset top on a flight and told to cover up – one woman stuck up for me and was kicked off | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared that she was ‘dress-coded’ for wearing a corset top on a flight.

Posting to her TikTok singer Jacy, says she was “slut-shamed” and told to cover up by an air hostess, and that when one fellow passenger stuck up for her they were kicked off the plane.

“Bro I got dress coded on a flight?” says Jacy, “Are we in highschool? Are you upset about my shoulders?” She adds that her torso was fully covered, so was unsure exactly why someone would complain.

In a follow up video, Jacy says that she was so embarrassed when this occurred, and felt like she was going to cry.

She adds: “I was basically wearing a corset, I was more clothed than like half of the plane, cause it’s like 103 degrees out so everyone’s wearing shorts and tank tops.”

Explaining what happened she says: “So some lady taps on my shoulder and says ‘do you have a jacket or something? You need to cover up.”


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To which Jacy replied that no, she does not have a jacket. The air hostess then went to get her a shirt, even though Jacy had already said she wasn’t going to put a random shirt on.

“Anyway this lady sticks up for me, respectfully sticks up for me to this employee, and then ends up getting kicked off,” she adds, asking “for what?”

Commenters on the video were shocked and appalled at the situation, with one writing: “You’re only on the plane for like a few hours. What the f does it matter??? So sorry that happened.”

Another added: “Bro what the hell? I’ve heard of airlines having a dress code for passengers who fly with employee privilege but not the public.”

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“It’s bc you’re hot and they jealous,” wrote a third.

On Twitter, Melina Bobadilla, the woman who was kicked off the plane, shared her experiences of this bizarre event.

Melina says that ultimately she was kicked off for advocating for a young woman who was being “shamed and harassed by an employee.”

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When Melina asked what the problem was, the employee responded with “she is wearing a corset and this is a family company. Some people find it offensive.”

She them said that she found another passenger’s t-shirt offensive, but nothing was done about this, and she ultimately kicked off the flight.

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