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WHEN doctors advised Ange Wakeling to terminate one of her unborn babies, she felt like her world had come crashing down.

The 38-year-old was thrilled when she discovered she was expecting – and got the shock of her life when the scan showed she was carrying triplets.

But her happiness turned to devastation when she was warned it was risky to continue the pregnancy with all three babies.

Ange weighed 22 stone, which doctors said put her at greater risk of developing the life-threatening condition pre-eclampsia.

She was also told she was at risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, and could go into early labour, meaning the babies may not survive.

The news came as a shock to Ange, her husband Chris, 40, who owns a creative design company, and their older daughter Dottie, seven.


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But despite the risks, the defiant couple refused to sacrifice one of their triplets – and later welcomed three healthy babies in August.

Ange tells The Sun: "When they asked me if I wanted to terminate one or two of the triplets I was so shocked, I couldn’t believe it.

"Chris and I immediately said no, but the doctor asked again and I had to say no again, that I wasn’t prepared to terminate any of my children."

The couple, who live in Weston-super-Mare, had tried for years to fall pregnant – desperate to give Dottie a sibling.

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During her previously pregnancy in 2015, doctors had told Ange her size put her at risk of developing the same conditions.

She recalls: "I ate healthily, went to the gym regularly, and I’d even played volleyball for England as a teenager.

"Despite the doctors' words, I went on to have a perfect pregnancy."

Surprise pregnancy

They decided to try for another baby when Dottie was three, but Ange didn’t fall pregnant until January this year.

She says: ‘It wasn’t as easy as when I fell pregnant with Dottie and every month we were faced with disappointment.

"I had thought I was pregnant at Christmas in 2020, but then we had a negative pregnancy test result and it was devastating.

"It had started to take its toll on us being let down month after month, so we decided to stop trying and enjoy life instead. And we started talking about perhaps adopting one day.

‘But then a few weeks later, I’d started to feel different.

"I’d been out for my friend’s birthday but my favourite mojito cocktail had made me feel sick.

"And I came home, and the smell of Chris’s aftershave also made me feel sick. 

‘I decided to do a pregnancy test, and we were thrilled when the positive blue line appeared.

"We were so excited that we would be giving Dottie a little brother or sister."

Three heartbeats

Weeks later the couple were stunned when they went for their first scan and saw three heartbeats on the screen.

Ange recalls: "I was lying on the scanning table and the sonographer ran the scanner over my stomach and told me that I was pregnant with triplets. He’d only seen it once before in his career. 

"We couldn’t believe that we were having three babies instead of one."

But a few weeks later, doctors expressed concerns about her pregnancy, worrying her size could have an effect on her ability to carry all three babies.

She explains: "They said it was a high risk pregnancy anyway because it was multiples, and because of my weight the risk was even greater. They asked me if I wanted to terminate.

"It was devastating to hear, but there was no way that Chris and I were going to do that to any of our babies. We had to give them all the best possible chance."

Later on in Ange's pregnancy doctors discovered the triplets had their own sac and placenta, which significantly reduced the risks.

Although she was grateful for the new development, Ange says: "I wish they had found that out first before they asked straight away if we wanted to terminate."

Ange adds that she found her pregnancy difficult and struggled with mobility.

She recalls: "By 25 weeks I could barely get out of a chair, but the babies were doing well which was the main thing.

"At each scan the doctors said they were growing well, which was amazing."

The triplets were born in August when Ange was 35 weeks pregnant, with Olive weighing 4Ib 11oz, Ada 4Ib 5oz, and Tucker 5Ib 12oz. 

Ange says: "They did amazing right from the beginning. There was a huge team of nurses on standby when they were born, ready to take them to the special care unit, but they weren’t needed.

I look at my family now and I feel incredibly blessed. I want to show that it’s ok to be a bigger mum and a good parent too

"And they are going from strength to strength. It’s been a manic few months with them all, I don’t get a minute to myself.

"We are exhausted from the running around and lack of sleep, but I wouldn’t change it for the world."

Ange adds that Dottie has adapted well to her role as big sister and loves all her siblings.

She says: "I look at my family now and I feel incredibly blessed. I want to show that it’s ok to be a bigger mum and a good parent too.

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"Yes there were risks to my pregnancy, but we should be given hope, not offered a termination.

"Every woman has a right to be a mum, whatever your size."

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