I was told my minidress was inappropriate by a security guard at the shops – I’m sure the dress-coding was over my size | The Sun

AN INFLUENCER claimed that security at a retail park dress-coded her because of her body shape. 

Sydney Bell bashed that “people hate seeing thick women confident or loving themselves” after being scolded for posing in a public place.

The curve model was shooting content for her social media channels outside a street of shops popular with influencers and models for taking pictures. 

However, a security vehicle called her over to say “people are complaining” and she needed to stop.

When challenged by Sydney, the female security guard said: “Some of the workers are saying inappropriate pictures or whatever.”

The professional dancer shared the images in question, in which she was wearing a long sleeve minidress dress and smiling. 

She added: “Sorry I have a bawdy.

“Once she left I went right back to it.

“People hate seeing thick women confident or loving themselves.

“Don’t let anyone dim your light.

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“Wear, live and do what you want.”

Sydney shared the exchange on Tik Tok to slam the people who complained about her.

A few days later, she shared an update where the retail street she was dress-coded on responded that they were looking into how the incident was handled.

In the caption of that video, Sydney wrote: “I was shooting content like so many other women do and was told to leave because I was dressed ‘inappropriately’ and taking inappropriate photos.

“First look at what I’m wearing and the photos I actually took and then check the street’s Instagram.

“See how this is not any different or less appropriate than what the other girls are wearing that they happily repost.

“Also, you’ll notice that none of the girls that they repost look like me… curvy and black.”

She then accused the retail park of not taking her complaint seriously and deleting comments calling them out on social media.

Sydney continued: “So I decided not to be silenced anymore and take my beautiful curvy black self back up there and protest.

“To show them you may be able to silence your comments, or TRY to sweep things under the rug, but you will NEVER be able to silence me.”

The comment sections on both videos were flooded with support for Sydney’s cause. 

One person said: “People are crazy.

“Literally would have looked at you and said to myself, ‘aw cool, she’s pretty’ and kept going and not even give second thought.”

Another quipped: “So unnecessary – not sure what is inappropriate? Ridiculous. 

“You look absolutely amazing! Keep shining!”

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Some viewers theorised that there had been no complaints form shop workers at all and the female security guard just wanted Sydney to stop because she was jealous of her.

One slammed: “Jealousy is a disease.”

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