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IF you have ever shopped in Poundland before, it’s time to listen up, as you may have made a comment that really annoys the staff.

TikTok user Holly Laing, 22, from Northampton, revealed that she used to work in Poundland and often heard customers say the same annoying thing. 

Holly claimed that she worked for Poundland in 2015 for three months as a Christmas temp. 

She said that customers would get annoyed when products cost more than £1 individually.

In a comical video, Holly acted out a scenario that often occurred on her shift at the bargain store, where customers were always baffled and irritated that items could cost over £1.

Holly uploaded her video with the caption ‘I heard this a lot’ as she acted out the scene. 

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She said: “POV: Not everythings £1 in Poundland”. 

In the clip, Holly asked the customer “Is this everything today?”, to which the customer replied “Yes it is thanks”.

Holly then confirmed that the item was £3, but the customer was left baffled as she responded “What’s £3?”.

The Poundland employee then confirmed “You’re buying this aren’t you?” to which the customer asked “Yes but have you scanned it three times?”.

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Following this, Holly stated “No I’ve scanned it once, it’s just £3”, but the customer was not left impressed as she replied “But this is the pound shop, is it not?”.

Holly then confirmed “Yes it is but not everything’s a pound”, to which the angry customer snapped back “Well that’s very misleading, I’ll only pay for that if it’s a pound”.

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The frustrated Poundland employee explained “You don’t have to buy it, but I can’t change the prices”, to which the customer requested “Right, I’m not having this, let me speak to your manager”.

Moments later, Holly acted as though she was the manager, as she asked “Hi, everything alright?”.

The customer then replied “No, I’m in the pound shop and your employee is trying to charge me £3 in the pound shop”.

But the manager confirmed “Yeah, that is £3”.

The customer was left fuming and said “Well how can you call yourself the pound shop then?”, to which the manager explained “I don’t make the prices, it’s head office”.

The customer was left fuming and responded “Disgusting, what a rip off”, as she stormed off.

Holly’s video has clearly made many people chuckle, as it has racked up 1.1million views. 

It has 155.9k likes, 306 comments and 95 shares.

Many other Poundland employees emphasised with Holly and took to the comments to express this. 

One TikTok viewer replied: “As someone who worked in Poundland for 3.5 years, I can confirm this was a regular occurrence.” 

A second person said: “As a Poundland employee this happens almost every day”. 

Another added: “When I worked there I kept saying IT'S NOT ONE POUNDLAND”. 

A fourth commented: “Worked there for a total of 2 months and dealt with this multiple times daily”.

However, many customers revealed that they too agreed with this customer and found it odd that not all items were £1. 

One user noted: “Customer has a point I can’t lie”.

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A second agreed: “I mean she kinda has a point why call it the pound shop if everything isn’t a pound each…”

A third chimed in: “I AGREE”. 

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