I worked in McDonald's – here's the 'secret menu' staff swear by, but you can get fired for making it | The Sun

A MCDONALD’S worker has revealed the 'off-menu' items that staff loved most – admitting they'd have been sacked if caught making them.

An ex-employee at a branch in Scotland lifted the lid on just how creative colleagues can be when they're on a break and starving.

Despite not having a 'secret' menu like many customers speculate, the former staff member admits there's ways to bend the rules.

He says: "There is no secret menu but staff are very creative when it comes to their breaks.

"Things like Big Mac's with chicken patties and wraps with chopped up beef patties instead of chicken.

"In my time working there I would often dive into the procedure breaking world of creativity.

"I would place an already made burger back onto the grill to give the bun an almost gourmet taste.

"And I'd make quesadillas during a busy shift if I was hungry despite this being frowned upon and a sackable offence."

He added: "Staff would also make an iced coffee using ice milk and a double espresso.

"This would send customers and management mental as it wasn’t a main item on the menu.

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"But after you have taught a full store of teenagers how to make an incredible iced coffee, management was bound to have a hard time finding the culprit."

The same ex-employee previously warned customers to never be rude to staff – as they’ll deliberately sabotage their meals.

Despite management asking workers to follow ‘the customer is always right’ strategy, it’s not always the case.

The former colleague said: “McDonald’s is a very capitalist company so it is always looking to invest in the customer in order for them to return into the cash flow system no matter how obnoxious or rude they are to staff.

“But employees are there for each other so in most cases the staff will go out of their way to make a rude customer’s day that little more inconvenient.

“For example, if a rude customer at the drive thru wants a very specific order which includes no pickles, kitchen staff will put extra pickles on the meal.

“Or they’ll use the least fresh meat and the longest standing drink and such like.

“It doesn’t seem like much but if you’re starving and moody, you won’t like that the one thing you have paid for has come in an unsatisfactory way all because of your rudeness.”

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