I worked in Primark and people left the most DISGUSTING things in the changing rooms… they need to have more respect | The Sun

A WOMAN who used to work at Primark has revealed the most disgusting things she found in the changing rooms – including used tampons.

Cath took to TikTok to open up about her experiences working at the discount fashion store, and admitted that "middle-aged customers" were the "worst".

"One time when I was working at Primark I had just done clipping up the shoes on hangers and putting them on the rail," she recalled.

"This middle-aged woman watched me, came along, about 15, 20 shoes, unclipped all of them and dumped them in a pile on the floor. 

"I watched her do it and I had to go back and hang them all back up on the rail, and then she did the same thing afterwards.

"And this went back and forth for like 10 minutes.

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"This is Primark, there is a lot of recovery, I don’t need you to be making more mess – I’m being paid £5.65 for this."

She added that while some people might say "it's the retail worker's job to do this", it's not her job to "fight with immature customers".

"It’s not our job to clean out used tampons from the changing rooms. Okay? That is disgusting," she ranted.

"Can we just please have a little bit more respect for retail workers?

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"And I’m aiming this at middle-aged people because in my experience they’re always the rudest ones and they’re always the worst ones to deal with."

People in the comments section were quick to weigh in on Cath's revelations, with one writing: "I used to work as a cleaner for River Island and some of the things I would find in them changing rooms."

"Vile, absolutely vile, like what goes through some customers' heads when they do that?" Cath replied.

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"I've always worked in retail 99% of rude customers are always middle aged people," someone else concurred.

"As a former Primark employee I feel this," a third wrote, with Cath responding: "We should start a support group for ex Primark employees."

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