If you don’t do these things you definitely aren’t posh – from saying Mummy & Daddy to liking rugby more than football

EVER wondered how posh you really are?

Well if you own an Aga, ask people "where did you go to school" or call the toilet "the loo", you may well fall into that category.

A national study by Prospectus Global probed the minds of Brits to find out which criteria they considered to be a mark of "poshness".

Language was a key factor, with people identifying saying "mummy" and "daddy", calling dinner "supper", saying "napkin" instead of "serviette" and calling people darling all as posh traits.

But also possessions were considered an indication, things like owning antiques or paintings of your ancestors all made the list.

The way people dressed was also a mark of their "poshness" with wellies, tweed, a gilet and Barbour jackets all on the posh list.


A national survey revealed the top criteria the British public things make you posh

1. You went to boarding school – 34%

2. You own antiques and family heirlooms – 28%

3. You have a wine cellar at home- 26%

4. You own paintings of your ancestors – 26%

5. You belong to a private members club – 25%

6. You never discuss money – 25%

7. You call your parents 'mummy' and 'daddy', even as a grown-up – 24%

8. Your family has a coat of arms – 23%

9. You ride horses – 22%

10. Your dinner parties are professionally catered – 22%

11. You eat properly with a knife and fork (but never say the word 'cutlery') – 20%

12. You hire a gardener – 20%

13. You say 'supper' instead of dinner – 20%

14. You own family silver – 19%

15. You send actual invites to parties in the post – 18%

16. You have a family tree – 17%

17. You shoot (clay or actual pigeons)- 17%

18. You go on skiing holidays – 16%

19. You wear tweed – 16%

20. You call everyone darling – 16%

21. You play croquet – 15%

22. You ask people 'where did you school'? – 15%

23. You call Champagne 'Champers' – 14%

24. You call the toilet 'the loo' – 14%

25. You drive an old Land Rover Defender – 14%

26. You wear a Barbour jacket – 13%

27. You know some Latin – 13%

28. You have shelves full of books – 13%

29. You eat partridge and grouse – 13%

30. You call their friends by their second names – 12%

31. You are good at small talk – 12%

32. You have a double-barreled name – 12%

33. You love cricket – 12%

34. You wear a gilet – 11%

35. You like rugby more than football – 11%

36. You say 'napkin' instead of 'serviette' – 10%

37. You laugh very loudly – 10%

38. You own an Aga – 10%

39. You prefer loose leaf tea to tea bags – 10%

40. You live in wellies – 9%


Conversation all contributed to posh-levels with asking 'where did you go to school?', never discussing money and being good at small talk all added to the list.

The results of the study also revealed that 65 per cent of Brits know someone who they believe is posh because they were wealthy, while 81 per cent said having cash didn't make a person posh.

According to the survey 22 per cent of us aspire to be posh.

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