I’m 53 & a mom – I’m trolled for posting ‘cougar thirst traps’ & wearing ‘inappropriate’ bikinis, people are jealous | The Sun

A 53-YEAR-OLD has snapped back at haters who say she's too old to post "cougar thirst traps" and wears inappropriate bikinis.

The mother of two shared a series of TikTok videos showing off her curvy body and clapping back at those she says are "obsessed" with her.

Body-positive content creator Jojo went viral online for a series of "thirst traps" that she says she is incredibly proud of.

Much of her social media content contains videos of her in a bikini and laying out on a lounge chair, showing off her womanly curves.

According to her social presence, the woman's confidence comes from losing almost 200 pounds and getting a divorce.

Now, she is sharing her newfound freedom and comfortability with the world.

In one video, Jojo can be seen laying out on a lawn chair on a sunny day, as she pans the camera up and down her front to show her curvy body shape in a snakeskin two-piece swimsuit.

The words "Starting over at 51, I'm not worried" are written at the top of the visual.

Meant to show how content she is at this time of her life, the words struck a cord with many viewers who also were freshly single and ready to tackle the dating scene.

Though others were quick to say that her posts were bordering on inappropriate.

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Appropraitely captioned "And feeling fabulous," the New York-based woman seems to shade an ex-partner while laying out on a lawn chair and wearing a white bikini in another TikTok video.

The pink subtitles on the video read "The best revenge…Moving on and NGAF", as she pans the camera up and down her body to showcase her toned and curvy figure.

For anyone wondering if the 53-year-old woman was interested in dating younger men, her hashtags on the video made it clear of her sentiments, like #cougarsoftiktok and #momsoftiktok.

In another TikTok video,Jojo takes a direct stab at trolls and calls them out wearing yet again a black and turquoise bikini top and black bottoms, while she lays out on a lawn chair.

A subtitle at the beginning of the video reads "To the haters who say it's inappropriate to wear a bikini at my age…why so obsessed?"

The music choice for the video says all that needs to be said as Mariah Carey's Obsessed plays in the background and she looks incredIbly unbothered by the comments she's received.

Some trolls were direct while others gave backhanded compliments related to her age and lack of clothing.

"Knocking down the property value might be it," one user commented.

"I'm worried you'll get sunburn?" another wrote.

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