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PICKING out a name for your child is one of the toughest decisions a parent can make.

People are often torn between keeping the name traditional or going for something unique to make their child stand out.

If you are going towards giving your child a unique name, then keep reading.

A name expert has revealed the top ten rarest choices for new parents so you can be sure no one in their class will have the same name.

The Daily Mail spoke to Nameberry's CEO Pamela Redmond to find out what names are still hidden gems with less than 25 US-based parents using them in 2021.

She explained that picking a name is always difficult because it says so much about your child's personality and family identity.


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Pamela added: "And a name is a one-time decision that lasts for your child's entire life  – at least unless they decide to change it!"

For girl names, the least popular in use at the moment was Hester, with fewer than five girls being called the moniker.

It originates from the American literature book, the Scarlet Letter, but the name has been forgotten about in recent years.

The next name was Romilly, which was traditionally a boys name meaning 'Man of Rome' in Latin.

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Although it is now used for girls as well, only five girls have the name currently.

For those who prefer traditional names with a twist, Pamela suggests using Bee instead of Beatrice.

Colour-themed names have always been popular, but if you want to keep it unique try the name Lilac for a girl as only 25 others have the name.

Ottilie, the feminine equivalent of 'Otis'is also rarely used for girls despite the boy version increasingly growing popular.

Moving on to unique boy names, Pamela recommends a modern take on the name Zebediah, which comes form the New Testament.

She added that Z names are cool for Gen-Z and recommends modernising it to Zebedee which is only shared with nine other children.

The Irish name Lorcan is also a unique choice with only 13 others sharing the moniker.

Pamela added: "An Irish name meaning little or fierce, this was the name of several ancient kings.'

The name expert recommends using the name Ajax, a classical Greek hero who battled on the fields of Troy.

While the Greek name Atlas is still popular, Pamela suggests going for Ajax for a trendy x ending.

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Finally, the moniker whizz recommends the presidential name Grover – which was associated with the 22nd President of the United States Grover Cleveland.

It has now fallen to one of the rarest used names with just 23 boys being named it in 2021.

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