I’m a busy mum – people troll me for my mucky slow cooker, it’s gross but I’ll never clean it | The Sun

WASHING up after family mealtime is arguably the most annoying household chore there is, especially when there’s pots, pans and even a slow cooker involved.

Whether you soak your crockery or throw it straight into the dishwasher, you’re safe in the knowledge that it’s sparkling clean and bacteria-free – but that’s not the case for one busy mum.

A penny-saving TikTok user, named Bargains by Karen, has amassed millions of likes thanks to her controversial hacks, including having a stinky sink wash instead of a shower. 

In a recent video, Karen asked her followers: “When you’re cooking food in the slow cooker, where do you keep the spoon so it doesn’t make a mess on the side? I stick mine in a food tin.” 

The clip looked normal enough, until trolls noticed the state of her slow cooker – it was covered in dried-on food. 

One disgusted viewer commented: “Don’t mind the spoon, the dirt of the slow cooker,” followed by a shocked face emoji. 

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Karen decided to fight back against the rude comment and explained herself in another video. 

Her slow cooker is seen front and centre as the bemused mum shares her reaction. After repeating the user’s response to her dirty pot, she calls them ‘cheeky’ for noticing how mucky it is. 

“I best not show you my house,” she confesses, suggesting her home could do with a clean-up too.

As if her previous video didn’t show off the dirt enough, Karen invited viewers to take a closer look. 

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“Let’s have a look at my slow cooker, which is probably as old as I am,” she confesses, lifting the pot up to the camera. 

“The inner bit is the bit that gets cleaned thoroughly,” she explains, lifting out the heavy pot and showing off its spotless interior. 

“Look at the shine on that bad boy,” she exclaims, rotating the pot at all angles. 

Then she makes a horrifying admission: “My slow cooker… I never clean it.”

Placing the clean pot on the side, Karen lifts up the slow cooker exterior to give her followers a peek inside – and it’s covered in dried-on food. 

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“Look at the state of that,” she declares, pointing out the worst of the dirt. “I admit I don’t clean it. We’re not all perfect though are we but at least I’m honest.”

She adds: “But the food I cook in it is beautiful, honestly it really is.”

Karen’s followers found her video hilarious, and confessed to their own dirty pots and pans. 

One user admitted: “Best not show anyone my ancient chip pan and pudding tray.” 

Another replied: “Please tell me you don’t work in infection control.”

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Others agreed with the funny mum, saying they have no time to be cleaning the outside of a slow cooker. And some say it makes food taste even better. 

“As they say, the dirtier the chip pan the tastier the chips,” said one. “My slow cooker is the same.”

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