I'm a catfish & a man – my transformations are so amazing people think I'm a different person… it’s down to an easy tip | The Sun

SOCIAL media is awash with incredible catfish videos – but they're usually women.

But one man has caused a stir after sharing his amazing transformations on his TikTok page.

Keith Edgett recently shared a video which began with a shot of him from below, showing what appeared to be a double chin as he sat in a chair wearing a white T-shirt and thick-rimmed glasses.

His brown hair was tied back.

The clip then changed to show Keith looking sultrily into the camera, while wearing a white T-shirt and grey waistcoat, with his hair left loose and wavy.

"Have a great day you beautiful people!" he captioned his video.

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The comments section was quickly filled with remarks from appreciative viewers, with one writing: "As a photographer, this is why I stress how important angles are!

"It’s the angle of the body that I’m referring to."

"Wait…..what?" someone else commented.

"Why did I gasp so loudly my husband asked 'what’s wrong'?" another wrote.

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"i was not prepared for that," someone else added.

As another comment read: "me Sat night vs Sun morning."

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"Is this for real the same person??" someone else questioned.

To which Keith replied: "Sometimes I question it myself."

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