I’m a celeb gardener – how to get a lush green lawn which will last all summer in a few simple steps | The Sun

A CELEBRITY gardener has revealed his top tips for a beautiful green lawn this summer.

His suggestions make the dream of the perfect lawn within the grasp of even the least accomplished.

Writing in the Daily Express, Lawn "doctor" David Domoney has narrowed his list down to eight easy steps that will result in a backyard to be proud of.

First, get off to a head start and remove any lingering leaves and other vegetable matter. Your garden needs precious light at this time of year and dead plant matter can block it out.

David advised putting grass clippings in the compost heap for a cheap supply of compost once it has decomposed.

Second, get into the habit of raking the lawn before mowing. All that is required is a light touch to remove moss and thatch.

“Lightly de-thatching or scarifying will also lift up clover runners to stop the weeds spreading," said the garden guru.

Third, ensure any mowing is done at the correct height. It should not be cut lower than one inch high. Similarly, raise the lawnmower blades to 1.5 inches high if it is dry.

Remember, when the mower comes fresh out of the garage for the inaugural cut of the year, make sure to raise the blade to avoid scalping the grass.

Fourth, pay attention to those shady areas of the garden. They get less light and therefore need to be cut higher. David suggested aiming for at least 1.5 inches high.

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Fifth, a bald patch on the lawn is not a good sign. Therefore, ensure those areas are filled with grass seed. David said: “Lightly fork over the soil to loosen it up and add a layer of fresh topsoil.

"Sow the seed over the top and cover with a light sprinkling of topsoil.” Remember to keep the spot well watered to give the seeds the best chance to germinate.

Sixth, aeration of the lawn is important. Soil compaction reduces the movement of air and can cause waterlogging. The good news is this is easily remedied.

Use a garden fork to dig deep into the grass at regular intervals to open up air channels, thus promoting the flow of air.

Seventh, weeds are the bane of the gardener's life. David's advice is simplicity itself: simply remove them from the soil. 

“Dig them up. Pull them up by hand. Just get them out. The best weeding is done on your hands and knees," he said in conclusion.

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