I’m a children’s interior designer – how to put your kids’ toys out of sight without buying any extra storage | The Sun

IF you have little kids at home, you know how messy your house can get within a few minutes.

There are often crumbs left on the floor, toys in every room, and stains on all the cushions.

An interior designer named Vanessa Silva, who has her own firm called Be In Wonder Design, has gained a following on her TikTok account thanks to her videos that offer design tips and useful home hacks for families with young children.

She recently shared a storage hack for parents to keep their homes a little neater even with all their children’s toys.

Vanessa first revealed the large amount of stuffed animal toys that her children own.

They were all on display, filling up several baskets in the family room.


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“If you are overwhelmed with the amount of stuffies that your kids have like I was, be sure to try this out.”

Vanessa pulled out a black and white bean bag and said the cushions had been looking “sad” and under-stuffed recently.

To kill two birds with one stone, she decided to remove the insert from the bean bag and fill it up with the stuffed animals instead.

“I love how this doubles up as storage as well as seating,” she said.

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The result was a plump bean bag and toys hidden from sight.

Responding to a commenter who asked if this would flatten out the stuffed animals after repeated sitting, Vanessa said she hasn’t experienced that with her own bean bags or her clients’.

Viewers loved the hack:

“Brilliant,” one person wrote.

“Love this storage. We get the big baskets from Ikea,” added another.

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