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THEY have a tendency to lose their brightness and fluffiness when you wash them over and over again.

But self-described "cleanaholic" Laura has shared her three-step process for returning the towels to their former glory.

Laura took to her TikTok page to post a video detailing the regime, as she began: "This is how I restore my fluffy white towels.

"Strip all the buildup of hard water and products by soaking in the bath with soda crystals."

Once the towels have had long enough in the water – Laura suggests around an hour – pop them in the washing machine with a washing pod in the drum, and some form of Oxy powder and white vinegar in the drawer.

"This will make them bright, white and fluffy again," she concluded, showing off her pile of enviably white towels.

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"Would this work on towels that aren’t white? Just to make them fluffy again?" someone asked in the comments section.

With Laura replying: "Yes definitely.

"The soda crystals strip off any residue build up, the vinegar is a natural softener and the oxi powder removes any stains."

"Came to the comments to ask the same," another person wrote.

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"I think I’ll definitely try this, my towels are in need of a deep clean."

"My favourite way to keep my towels fluffy," someone else commented.

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"but I like the smell of conditioner…." another person mused.

To which Laura wrote: "Me too, so I use conditioner normally but when they get stiff I do this to get them back to new again."

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