I’m a cleaning expert, you NEED to wash your pillow at least once every two years – there’s a grim reason why | The Sun

A CLEANING expert has shared why everyone needs to be washing the pillows on their bed at least once every two years – or else they face sleeping on hidden dirt.

Company attn: shared a short video on their social media channels explaining why it’s important not to neglect your bedding like a lot of people do, as they revealed some shocking statistics.

As a video played of pillows being put into the washing machine for a deep clean, a voiceover can be heard asking: “Am I the only one who didn’t know I had to wash my pillow?

“Apparently if you’ve been using the same pillow for two years, a THIRD of its weight is now dead skin, dust mites and their poop.”

The voice over continues to uncover more on the gross details, and also explained this can have a negative impact on your sleep – but also your health.

They continued: “And breathing that in night after night could affect your sleep quality and make your allergies worse.” 

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Continuing to give advice on the best way to make sure your pillows are germ free and clean, attn: also offered some further useful inside knowledge.  

They added: “All pillows are different so make sure you check washing instructions before just chucking it into the machine.

“And, yes, you should also be washing your mattress,” they went on to say.

Once attn: shared the video it racked up over 25,000 likes and plenty of people flocked to the comment section to say they were thankful for the tips. 

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One wrote: “Haven’t washed my pillow in five years, never thought they could be washed.”

A second said they’d also been in the dark, as they commented: “Haven’t washed my pillow for 23 years.”

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While a third added: “I have never washed mine. I’ve had it since I was five. I’m 22 now.”

Others added that they’d be adding this to the top of their to-do list now, while some said they already make it a habit.

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