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ANYONE with a glass shower door screen will know they are a nightmare to clean especially if you live in an area with hard water. 

But one cleaning fan has revealed the hack they use to prevent limescale build up on their glass shower door screen and makes bathroom cleaning 10 times easier. 

The cleaning fan described the shower glass as originally as a ‘major renovation regret’ till they found a preventive method for stopping the limescale building up. 

They in a TikTok video online said: “Watermarks build up so quickly.”

The cleaning fan revealed they had pretty much given up on keeping the glass shower door screen clean. 

“Super tiring to clean and scrub every week… now lazy already just clean[ing] every alternate week.”

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But then a friend gave the cleaning fan a super easy game changing hack. 

They said: “My friend introduced me to this ‘lazy method’.

“Just spray [glass cleaner] on the glass every night and leave it to dry.”

The cleaning fan confessed they had been doing this every night for two weeks and shared the results. 

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They said: “Watermarks reduced by 80%!!!”

The cleaning fan used the Method Daily Shower spray on the glass shower doors which is £4.35.


Though they confessed: “Tbh I thought the smell was a bit strong initially, but it's growing on me now!”

The cleaning hack racked up over 967,000 views. 

One user said: “I bought this too! super refreshing smell and easssyy peassyy maintenance!”

Another said: “Hey, it really works. Thanks for sharing.”

But other viewers had their own suggestions. 

One user said: “Buy a squeegee lol.”

Another suggested: “You can use dryer sheets for easy cleaning too with some window cleaner after.”

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