I’m a cleaning fanatic and have an easy way to banish dust completely – it’ll get your house smelling amazing too | The Sun

A WOMAN has come up with an ingenious hack that she swears will leave your house dust free for longer. 

Using the handle Purdy and Figg the cleaning influencer claims that this is a fool proof way to leave you surfaces clean and smelling absolutely amazing. 

Captioning the video: “Hack, how to have a dust free home.” She went on to show her 132.43k followers what the secret hack actually was. 

First she placed a medium sized spray bottle on a work surface. 

She then poured half a jug of water into it, then she added  ¼ cup of white vinegar and two tablespoons of olive oil.

Lastly she added some citrus oil to give the concoction a sweet fragrant scent. 

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Once all the ingredients were added she gave the bottle a good shake and started to spray the homemade concoction over all the dusty surfaces.

Once finished spraying  she wiped down the area with a dry cloth and sponge. 

She then went on to tell her followers that the reason oil was added to the concoction was because the oil present prevents the dust from settling.

Demonstrating how effective the hack is, the cleaning guru claimed that by using this homemade spray your home will be left smelling fresh and more importantly dust free.

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Followers quickly flocked to her page to leave a comment on the simple yet cost effective hack.

With some questioning whether the concoction would give furniture the best finish.

Messy Jessy wrote:”Oh My God this would leave so much residue.” 

In which she defended her dust slaying spray by responding: “It really doesn't.”

While another poster asked: “Does the surface not feel tacky after wiping with a sponge.” Purdy replied: “Not at all.” 

Another follower asked whether in this hack the citrus oil could be replaced with essential oils.

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Purdy confirmed that any oil is good to use to give your furniture a sweet smelling finish. 

However some followers were convinced that the hack was a brilliant concoction with  lily7vicky writing: “I’m definitely going to have to try this.”

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