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CAMPING can be a fun-filled weekend in a scenic setting, but you are almost always guaranteed to come home smelling awful.

A mixture of campfire smoke- and body odor build-up after several days without a proper shower- can linger on your equipment for weeks.

The experts at Aarn have some handy DIY remedies to the lingering post-outdoors stench in your backpack.

While you can rid yourself of the BO with a nice hot shower, cleaning your equipment can be another task.

Experts recommend using a spritz of vinegar mixed with lime juice and water on your backpack, and other washable essentials.

Leave the mixture to set before washing with soapy water.

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An obvious solution is just to throw your stuff in the washing machine. Your backpack and other items may be machine washable, but for those essentials that aren't, Lysol is your friend.

Spraying your bag and other items, such as hiking boots, with Lysol will thoroughly disinfect them as well as get rid of any smells.

Simply spritz and air-dry before your next use.

If your next outdoorsy adventure isn't too soon, then experts recommend using kitty litter to de-odorize your gear.

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Even if you don't have a furry friend at home, kitty litter is cheap and easy to come by.

And, it goes without saying, it has strong deodorizing properties.

Just chuck your backpack and other items into a tub of kitty litter, ensuring it is fully covered, and leave it for a week.

You may need to give it a good wiping down afterward, but the stench will no longer be an issue.

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And finally, if you need an immediate fix with minimal effort, the experts at Aarn have you covered.

Vodka can be used for a lot more than having a good time.

The spirit is widely used in the cleaning industry to remove odors from fabric, without having to wash or even wet them.

Spray a little vodka on your stinking equipment and it will be good as new in no time!

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