I'm a dad & worked so hard to lose weight for my kid, but I now have so much excess skin, I have to wear a sports bra

A FARTHER who lost more than 21 stone for his daughter has revealed he now has to wear a sports bra to keep all the excess skin in place.

After becoming a single dad, Andrew, from the US, realised he had become so big and unhealthy, it was time to lose weight.

''I've gotten up to 500 lbs (36 stone), I'm so big that I can't even take care of my daughter,'' he opened up, appearing on My Extreme Excess Skin.

''I knew that something had to change.''

At first, he started by taking walks, with the initial one taking two hours – but Andrew was determined to become a healthier version of himself.

Then, after feeling more fit, the single dad also joined a gym, where he fell in love with weight-lifting and nutrition.

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The hard efforts paid off – Andrew lost the weight and even could see muscle definition coming through.

''It got to the point where people would see me out and about that hadn't seen me in a while – they were really taken aback,'' he remembered.

Around this time, he also met an old acquaintance he later ended up getting married to – but despite the blossoming love life and health, there was still one thing lurking from the past.

''My body wasn't looking quite like I was hoping it would.

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''I was starting to notice some extra skin.

''When I look at the excess skin, I feel like I am still obese.''

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Despite having come so far, Andrew said he was embarrassed by his body.

''I avoid taking showers at the gym, I'll drive out of my way to come home so I can shower at home.

''And usually, I don't leave the house without a compression garment on.

''For a while, I was wearing a sports bra,'' he revealed.

''It's like a humiliating secret.''

''I just feel so bad for him,'' said Andrew's wife, adding that he would constantly look at himself in the mirror and adjust clothes.

And as much as he would like to go swimming with his loved ones, he avoids being seen without clothes in public – as people usually stare.

''I feel bad for letting my family down because I can't do stuff with them – but there's nothing I can do on my own to get rid of the excess skin.''

Desperate to change his life – and also take part in a bodybuilding competition – Andrew went under the knife to remove the dark shadows of the past.

''These surgeries were a hundred per cent worth everything I went through.

''I feel like a new person – and now that the extra skin's gone, I love my body.

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''Now, I go to the gym in a tank-top and I'm totally comfortable.''

And Andrew's dream of competing with other bodybuilding fanatics is finally in reach too.

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