I’m a dermatologist, the four things I would never do when staying at a hotel & why I never walk around barefoot | The Sun

CHECKING into a hotel can feel like a luxury that we don't get often enough.

But one dermatologist has revealed the four things you must do before settling yourself in for a night of comfort.

Dr Liv Kraemer, a dermatologist in the US, revealed the top four things she never does when visiting a hotel room – and for good reason.

Posting to TikTok, the dermatologist revealed she would never wash her face with the soap left in the hotel room for guests to use.

Instead, the dermatologist recommends using your personal skincare at all times.

Next, Dr Liv Kraemer refuses to walk around the hotel room barefoot – and the reason why will gross you out.


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Lots of people walk around barefoot in hotel rooms – making there a risk of contracting a fungal infection.

The dermatologist revealed that she never uses the TV remote in the hotel room before sanitising it first.

"I don't know where this remote has been," she added.

Finally, the skin expert avoids leaving her pajamas out or on the bed.

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According to the expert, it's best to put them away so that no cleaners have to touch or move them.

But people in the comments section of the video were divided over the doctor's strict rules.

One wrote: "omg, we have our immune system for a reason."

Another commented: "Just don’t stay in a hotel then."

A third added: "That's just too much. I just crash on the bed usually."

But others agreed with the doctor, one said: "I clean all hotel rooms first."

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"I do the same. oh and the bed runner is getting removed as soon as I get into the room," agreed another person.

A third penned: "You're absolutely right, germs at hotel rooms freak me out, that's why I take antibacterial wipes with me all the time and I recommend others do too."

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