I’m a Dollar Tree fan – how I made my balcony look so much fancier using $1.25 buys | The Sun

THERE'S nothing better than enjoying the summer heat at a nice resort, with a cold drink in your hand.

With a quick trip to Dollar Tree, you can create your own mini oasis on your balcony.

A lifestyle blogger who goes by Foreign Fresh Fierce shared her Dollar Tree essentials for decorating her balcony on a budget.

In her TikTok video, the DIYer demonstrated how to revamp your balcony while being "bougie on a budget."

For her first step, the blogger took a bag of stones from Dollar Tree and used them to fill in the gaps between the wooden floor of her balcony and her screen door.

She then refurbished the $1.25 mirrors using gold spray paint and painter's tape.

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I’m a Dollar Tree fan – how I made my patio look way more classy for just $2.50

"Look how beautiful they turned out," the TikToker said as she showed viewers her painted mirrors.

For her third tip, the blogger gave her balcony "a patio-like landscape."

"Grab some onion grass from the Dollar Tree. Add it to the balcony poles, with white stones, and a medium size rock," she said.

For her final suggestion, the Texas-based influencer recommended adding a cute yet practical element to your balcony.

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"Last, snag this $1 tin with the French or English phrase. Add some faux flowers for a unique ice bucket for drinks," she concluded.

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the innovative project.

"The little pebbles are genius," wrote one viewer.

Another person said: "So creative! Thanks for the ideas."

"You did a great job. Definitely gave me ideas," commented one of the influencer's followers.

"This is beautiful. Absolutely love the ice bucket idea!!!" wrote another user.

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