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WE may all fall victim to the clothing and styling faults that one fashion content creator says make us look cheap.

Mei Yap shared tips for which types of clothing and accessories to avoid and which to wear to look more wealthy and expensive.

In her Instagram Reel, Mei said: “Here’s why your outfits look cheap,” before diving in.

“You’re wearing polyester or single-sided fabrics,” she said while demonstrating how an unlined dress looked inexpensive on her.

Instead, she wrote in the caption: “Opt for natural fibres that look expensive like organic cotton, wool or vegan eucalyptus silk.”

Mei also suggested staying away from intentionally creased fabrics.

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“If you’re lazy like me and don’t iron, opt for low crease fabrics like denim, wool or anything with a knit,” she offered.

Next, she said that dirty shoes and “unshapely” bags look cheap.

"If there are any particularly stubborn stains, try some eucalyptus oil on the cloth. Do not forget your shoe polish," Mei suggested.

“Avoid cheap bags with no structure,” she also wrote, adding: “Store your bags on a shelf, not in a drawer, and stuff them with a lot of fabric like a pillowcase or sheet.”

This will help maintain the shape and structural integrity of your purses.

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Her next piece of advice, which she acknowledged was controversial, was to avoid wearing too many pieces with brand logos on them.

“It’s kinda like saying: ‘I realllllyyyy stretched my budget for this so I need to show it off’," she wrote.

“Girlie, I know that is SO true for both of us, but being subtle about it makes it look like you just casually own that item and don’t need to care,” Mei added.

Next, she claimed: “Hairbands on your wrist are a massive no-no,” and suggested keeping them in your bag until you need to use them.

When it comes to makeup, Mei stresses that you shouldn’t overdo it or go too bold on each of your facial features.

“The upper class tend to opt for more subtle makeup at most occasions,” she wrote, but clarified that she also wants people to do what makes them most happy.

Then Mei moved back to clothing in terms of silhouettes and cuts.

“SHOWING TOO MUCH SKIN especially any [cleavage] is a big no no for the upper class. Boat necks always look classy, but any mid-high neckline will do,” she wrote.

She continued that tight clothing and ill-fitted clothing can look inexpensive too.

She explained: “The upper class pay tailors for clothes to fit very well – just make sure that yours fit nicely and consider paying for alterations.”

Mei said that a true or relaxed fit is better than a tight or oversized fit.

She also suggested that loose threads and buttons are a sure-fire way for your outfits to look cheap.

“Sew your buttons on tighter (it’s not hard watch a two minute tutorial), cut off loose threads as soon as they appear and cut off the hanger ribbons if you don’t need them for a particular item,” she wrote.

People generally appreciated Mei’s tips.

“Love these looks,” one wrote, while another acknowledged: “Wrist hair bands are my bad habit haha.”

Others took issue with some, though, with one person writing: “How do tight clothes look cheap? I love form fitting clothes and get lots of compliments.”

Mei reassured that her tutorial was specifically to help look “wealthy,” clarifying: “Oh absolutely! ‘Cheap’ as in the opposite of old-money/upper class if that makes sense.”

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