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IT may be time to clean out your closet – and not just the items that no longer fit.

Popular fashion YouTuber Shea Whitney says that some of your clothes may be making you look old and outdated – and if the thought of that brings you horror, you might want to toss them.

"Today I'm going to offend you," Shea joked to her 1.45 million YouTube subscribers.

"I'm going to share fashion mistakes that I think are just aging you and making you look older than you are," she went on.

"These are specific things that I see everywhere, and I swear it makes you look way older in a bad way.

"If you have some of these items and you think they look super flattering on your, keep wearing it. This is just my opinion," she added.

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First, Shea says, capri pants are out of style. But they also don't look great.

"They're very, very unflattering. They actually cut your leg off at the worst spot … at the center of your calf, which is that muscle, and it makes your legs look way chunkier and stumpier than they are," she says.

The "bizarre length" can also make your torso and your legs look like the same length, which is not what you want.


Similar to capri pants, Bermuda shorts are "just a bizarre length," Shea says.

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They're also "absolutely out of style" and "aging."

Instead, if short shorts are not your thing, pick a style that falls a few inches above the knee.


"I feel like this is going to be not well-received," Shea says, predicting some backlash.

She says she knows that older women often pick bulkier shoes because they need to prioritize comfort, but she insists there are ways to do that without completely sacrificing style.

She suggests women try shopping from brands like Clark's, which has some of those bulky shoes but some good choices as well.


Shea isn't warning women not to try youthful trends, but rather, to stay away from anything that screams "little girl."

That includes Mary-Janes, hair barrettes, and tiny cardigans – basically, anything you might expect to find in a five-year-old's closet.


Florals are always in, but Shea says that big, bulky ones "make you look so much older."

"As a general rule, big patterns aren't really that flattering," she says.


Shea says utilitarian bags with external pockets are also "so aging."

"This looks so not good… it's going to age you by like two decades," she says.

If you like organization, she recommends bags with concealed pockets or a purse organizer inside a chic tote.


Another controversial tip, Shea says she once saw a study that showed that wearing glasses can age you.

If wearing contacts isn't for you, she notes that you can find flattering, stylish glasses – just stay away from anything with rhinestones or other embellishments.

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"If you're still wearing matching jewelry, like matching earrings that look identical to the necklace, or real crazy when you get a matching bracelet … I think that is definitely aging you," she says.

Instead, she recommends mixing up styles and even metals.

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