I’m a fashion expert and I can tell how old you are based on what items you wear – and skinny jeans are a huge give away | The Sun

COULD your outfit be giving away your age? 

Age is just a number but wearing certain trends and items can be a huge give away to how old you really are. 

Pieces that were once the must-have look in your youth are likely to be the items that you hold dear and just can’t stop buying.

So if skinny jeans are just too good to give up and a trusty tracksuit is your go to – then it's likely onlookers will be able to guess your age. 

Here Clemmie Fieldsend reveals what's your biggest giveaway. 

ATHLEISURE: 20 – 30 

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While shell suits and matching sports gear were huge hits in the eighties if you’re aged between 20 and 30 they’re probably something you wear a lot. 

Thanks to trend setters the Kardashians wearing sports kit has become cool and they’ve sparked a hoard of mini mes that just love the look. 

With brands like Boohoo and PrettyLittleThing using models that look like the famous family in sweats it's a sure sign you're of this age bracket. 

SKINNY JEANS: 30 – 40 

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If you’re in your 30s or 40s chances are every now and again you dust off your skinny jeans to make you feel like your reliving your twenties again.

During the noughties if you weren’t in a velour tracksuit you were probably in skinnys trying to channel your inner Alexa Chung or Kate Moss.

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Paired back normcore looks and of course the outfit go-to – jeans and a nice top – are your fail-safe outfits. 

LEGGINGS: 40 – 50

Being aged between 40 and 50 means you will have lived through the iconic era of the eighties. 

Trend setters like Madonna burst onto the scene in leggings and the trend became a global phenomenon.

Stretchy, comfy and soft – what's not to love? Well, the one thing not to love could be that they are a big indicator for your age

Radley bags: 50 – 60

In 2000 Radleys dog logo was unavoidable.

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The handbags were the middle price range of more than high street but less than designers – similar to Michael Kors – so their air of luxury made them popular with women in their thirties how had cash to splash on cult handbags. 

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