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THICK thighs might save lives – but having a bigger lower body can also make finding the best fitting clothes a nightmare.

Those with larger legs know that sometimes some outfits just don't sit and feel right – but fortunately, one fashion whizz has offered a helping hand, sharing nine life-changing tricks to incorporate in your routine.

Chi Li, who to her fans is better known as Petite Dressing on YouTube, took to social media to list some of her favourite tips and tricks- and turns out, the smallest of details can make a huge difference.

Avoid ankle straps

''If your knees are thicker or your calves are bigger, when you wear a thin strap, they're only going to make it more obvious that you have thick legs.''

But don't rush to buy heels with a thicker strap – they can make the sharp contrast even worse.

Skinny vs Straight

Though their heyday is long gone, skinny jeans remain a classic staple for many fashionistas. But beware – if you're on the thicker side, you might want to leave them in the past, Chi noted.

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For those who are bottom heavy, the whizz suggested jumping on the straight leg train.

''Because this has volume, this is gonna create more balanced look. But this volume is not overwhelming.''

Go A-line

''A-line is your best friend. Whenever you're looking for a dress or for a skirt, look for the A-line silhouette.

''It defines your waist and it also makes your bottom look less obvious because it's not clinging.''

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Wide leg

''If they're flowy fabrics, this is actually one of the most flattering for women with thicker legs.

''It's not clinging to your butt or thighs and it flows down beautifully.''

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Wear heels

Although all heels, she noted, is a must if you want to elongate your legs, the best option is block heels, as they're ''most in harmony with your shape''.

''Because these are a little wider, they give you more support, they're easier to walk in and visually, they look more balanced.''

Hemline matters

In her video, Chi explained that if you have a bigger lower half, a short skirt is not an option, as it will only draw attention to your legs.

''You want to go longer and cover up that part.''


Although summer is now over and you probably won't need to reach for your shorts, it's best to keep this in mind for the following season next year.

''You want to go for a length that's going to make you feel more comfortable.

''You want it to pass the widest part of your thighs.''

Similarly to the wide leg bottoms, you also want to look for shorts that are more loose – the extra material, Chi explained, is actually more flattering and, of course, comfortable.

Be careful midi

''You want to be very careful where exactly is your midi skirt is ending.

''If it's falling at the widest part of your calves, you probably don't want to go with that length.''

Instead, to draw the attention away from your legs, either go either than that or just go longer and get a maxi skirt.

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The right fabrics

When picking the right garment, steer clear of materials that are too clingy – or too stiff, as it will make for a more bulky look.

''You want to go with the fabrics that's thick enough to hold its shape but you don't want it to add more bulkiness.''

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